Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Behind the song--JAY-B "This aint No Song for the young girls"

This song is something that i put to gather for all of my grown women, because i feel that they are unappreciated when it comes to these boys looking for a mate. See I wanted to show how us guys don't want a little immature girl, we want someone who handles their business; and if we find someone that meets those requirements then that's when we will only need one woman. This song is defiantly not for the young girls...enjoy..=)


Friday, January 21, 2011

This is JAY

Hello, my name is JAY-B and i rap! Of course when ever you hear a person say that you think that they are some sort of statistic, or you think to your self here we go again (another rapper). But my situation is a bit different, I am a music composer,Engineer,and musician. Nowadays it is quite hard to find someone who has master all three talents such as mine. I currently am in college and I'm studying music engineering to make perfection with my craft. Other then that on a more personal level i love basketball, working out, and just having fun with friends. Those which are all hobby's while music on the other hand is life. I have always loved music, my passion for it has been existent since i was a toddler; to be more accurate i started music at the age of four. Since then i have written and recorded two albums and currently i am working on my latest album which i hope to go main stream with soon. But that's a quick summary of me ... now tell me about you!! =)